TP Documentation

Dokumentasi TP

Transfer pricing documentation is required by law. This documentation should prove how the inter-company business was established and prove that the inter-company pricing that is applied will also be applied between the third parties. This documentation must be submitted annually, whereas in other countries it must be submitted at the request of the tax authorities
Having adequate transfer pricing documentation available helps prevent companies from being faced with shifting the burden of proof accordingly
transfer fees imposed by tax authorities, as well as double taxation. In addition, non-compliance with the documentation requirements of the transfer terms may result in conditionality.

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation Service is prepared to meet all your documentation needs:

  1. File Master (MF) (berkas master)
  2. File Lokal (LF) (berkas lokal)
  3. Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) (laporan negara-ke-negara)
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